Whether you are restoring a vintage, classic or modern car, John can help.

Corrosion and Paint Removal

"Excellent service for bead blasting vintage RC model parts. Really helpful and will definitely use again!"


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Are you restoring an old car and need an expert to remove the dirt and rust from your



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Rust on a car component before and after

As well as having over 20 years' experience in blasting, John is a keen vehicle restorer himself, having rebuilt various classic Fords, Land Rovers and Jags over the years. So you know you can trust him to understand your concerns and take very good care of your precious and sometimes extremely rare parts.


Using a two stage process, bead blasting will remove rust, paint and surface imperfections leaving the face of most metals with a clean, satin finish, whilst still being gentle enough not to damage the item.


John has cleaned thousands of parts from cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses, pushbikes, tractors, mowers,  quad bikes and even prams - let him help you with your restoration project too.  If it will fit in the cabinet, John can blast clean it for you.


Just call John for a no obligation chat - he is always happy to share his expertise with you.

cadillac component cobra-head cleaned fuel-before-and-after Bat-before Abt-After