Whether you are restoring a classic car or motorbike, need an engineering part finished, or are refurbishing house or garden objects, John Butler is your small parts blasting expert.


With over 20 years of experience and a lifetime of restoring his own classic cars, John understands how precious your objects are and that you want an excellent job done thoroughly by someone with plenty of experience and who really cares.

Paint and rust removal from an expert

Whatever your blast cleaning needs, John has the experience and expertise to do the job properly for you. With a fast turnaround (usually next day) and one to one personal attention, you can be sure that you will be very happy with the work he does for you. Call John now for a no obligation chat – he’s always willing to share his expertise with you.

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Bead blasting is a process of using pressurised air to drive fine glass or metal beads through a nozzle to remove dirt, rust and paint to leave a smooth surface without causing damage.


In his workshop in Ludgershall, John has two bead blasting cabinets for the specialist cleaning of small items - anything from a nut to an axle. The bead blasting cabinet is used for surface finishing treatments, using glass media to produce a clean, satin, uniform finish with minimal damage or removal of material from the surface. The grit blasting cabinet uses metal media to remove oxides, rust, weld scale and corrosion; thus restoring a component's finish or preparing it for painting or coating.  Blasting is a much safer alternative to chemical removal methods.


Because of the size of the blast cabinets, John specialises in cleaning SMALL parts. As a rough guide, the maximum size he can accommodate is 4-feet by 2-feet, although if something is long and thin, he has ways and means! If you are unsure if the object you want basted will fit in his cabinets, please give John a ring and he'll be happy to discuss it with you.

What is Bead Blasting?

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